Sunday, 27 March 2016

Back to Pixels

There are many ways I like to spend my breaks from studying or working. Reading a book, watching a film, or doing personal projects. The other day I was taking a break from my thesis and decided to practice my pixel art skills. Because of my university, the last years I've been working entirely only on 3D projects, including animation and video games, so I hadn't had the chance to apply what I learned in design and animation courses to my pixel works. I haven't worked on pixel art for years to be honest. Looking back at old projects I can see that I've improved. Here are some of the stuff I did. They are a bit rushed (and I'm a bit rusty) but I had a great time creating them.

As soon as I find more time, I'll make sure to make more of these because I really enjoy working on retro-looking projects. I really want to take everything I learned during my studies and make a video game. I hope I find time for that!