Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Reworking on my Personal Identity

I'm graduating! That means I'm officially entering the competitive industry. Although I have already worked on several projects and I have already tasted the competition (and the stress that comes with it), officially being a graduate makes everything seem more... real. And adult-y. In an attempt to look more professional, I decided to rework on my self branding and identity. I've had my previous logo for about a year, but to be honest I didn't work on it as much as I should.

I begun by sketching some ideas. My perfectionism, love for geometry, and minimalistic art style led to this idea of a symmetrical and square-like H in a square.

Then I had to decide the color scheme. I wanted two clashing and modern colours to contradict the strict and serious structure of my logo. I ended up with this three options, then had to choose between the first two (with that bright teal being my favourite colour), and due to popular opinion, I chose the first one.

I recreated the logo digitally, added the colours, and created two different versions: the "full" version, and a minimal one for different uses (for example with the logo is too small somewhere or when used as a watermark). I also create black and white versions for each, although the white is not visible here, due to the background. T_T

I proceeded by integrating my new logo in various papers such as my CV and my letter template. That way I can ensure coherence in my identity, something that gives a vibe of professionalism. I also created new business cards!

Finally, I animated the logo in order to use it as the opening to my videos. That was my favourite part!

And just like that I was done! I now have a new logo! I still need to create more material to be honest, but I have the basics done! So, to anyone else who is graduating, congratulations! If you are still giving exams, hang in there and good luck! Summer is close, guys!