Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Start of Something New

I remember, since I was a kid, I had the same dream: that one day I would live abroad. I was always fascinated by the idea, and growing up I realised that the world is too big to stay at one place. I want to explore the world, live in new cities and countries. As a teen, I had roughly made a plan in my mind: by the time a get a diploma, I would leave. I didn't know where to – I was always drawn to big cities like NY and London, besides the negative comments that revolve around their names.

A few days before my graduation, fate somehow brought me to the office of an IAESTE counselor at my university. It was really a random coincidence. She told me I was quite late to apply for a job abroad, but I had nothing to lose by trying to. Thankfully, I was very lucky and one of the recruiters were still accepting submissions. A few days later I was ecstatic to hear I got the job! Where? Zürich, Switzerland.

A city I never really thought about. Sure, I had seen some photos of its beauty, I had read about it (or its chocolate) once or twice, but I never really thought about living there. Of course, I never excluded the possibility either. I hate letting chances go. I've done it hundreds of times, and I always regret it. As I was filling the application forms, my mind was overflowing with doubts: what if I don't get accepted? What if I do? What if it's horrible? What if I can't make it there? But I ignored it and thought: What if this is the chance of a lifetime? What if I like it there? And so, here I am, writing this post in my room in Zurich.

So far I love it here. The city is so beautiful, the architecture is so mesmerising. Sure, it's quite expensive but I'll get along just fine. Some budgeting never hurt anyone.

Anyway, that was a short update post. Expect photos from the city and a festival here soon.