Monday, 11 July 2016

Visiting Irchelpark

Birds gather around the lake

Just a few seconds away from where I live in Zürich (well, actually just across the street) lies Irchelpark: Zürich's largest public park. I have never had a park so close to my home before, let alone a huge one like this! Needless to say, my excitement when I first visited it was great, and now I visit it almost daily.

Like I said it's very spacious. There is a big lake in the middle where ducks and some fish swim and many many trees all around, while most of it is covered in clean, green grass. A few structures decorate it here and there. Honestly, I got quite lost in it a couple of times and I'm pretty sure I haven't seen all of it yet. Whenever I go, I try to discover new paths and spots to enjoy, before sitting by the lake to enjoy my music or book. Sometimes it's almost empty and quiet while other times it's crowded. Usually people there are jogging, BBQing, having a picnic, or simply relaxing like I do.

Thankfully, the weather last week was perfect for visiting Irchelpark, sunny and clear (although it is raining as I'm writing this). Of course, I never neglect taking my camera with me. Here are only a few of the photos I took the first week of visiting Irchelpark.

The lake of the park Reflection of the sky in the lake One of the paths of the park A duck cleaning itself Tall reed plants A black crow looking at the camera

The public parks here are one of the things I loved the most. Visiting them to relax after work or even during the weekends is a great way to relax and think clearly. I can spend hours there. And they are always very clean and well-maintained.