Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Zürich City Festival

I arrived at Zürich on July 1st, coincidentally the same day that Zürich City Festival (Züri Fäscht) was starting for the weekend. I was so lucky to be there for it! Lights, rides, candy, food, music, and, greatest of all, fireworks! The Festival takes place in Zürich every three years. So, I excitedly arrived in Zürich in the afternoon, did some minor tasks I had to complete, and grabbed my camera to go to the festival! I was sitting in the tram worrying about not finding it, but then I noticed that you can't miss it. It was huge, and all over the city! And so, so bright, and loud, and crowded! Here are some photos.

I felt like it was a welcome party just for me. I honestly had a great time, although I was alone there. I enjoyed it and it made me feel awesome to be in Zürich.