Saturday, 8 October 2016

Gem Princess

Time goes by very fast. I can't believe it's been about four months since I graduated from University. While there are many things I wholeheartedly miss from my years as a student, working on video and animation projects is definitely at the top of the long list (sorry, friends, I miss you too, I swear!). Which is why recently I decided to start working on such projects on my free time. Today, I'd like to share with you a very short animation I completed a few days ago. It's not part of anything bigger nor is destined to be used somewhere specific. It's just something I worked on to practice and experiment on numerous techniques, such as toon shading in Cinema 4D, importing from C4D to After Effects, and path animation in After Effects. You can watch it here.

The inspiration came behind some doodles I did a while back during work. I turn them into sketches and thought they'd look cool animated. The art was done in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and the animation was then added in After Effects. The gems and shards are actually animated 3D models done in Cinema 4D.

I try to motivate myself to work as often as I can on side projects like this in order to practice, improve, and not forget what I already know. Not that it's a chore to me; on the contrary, like I said I miss working on animation. Unfortunately my current job doesn't include projects about film or animation, so working on them on my leisure time is a joy.

Right now I'm experimenting with animations that combine simple vector shapes, flat colours, and motion graphics to bring characters and scenery to life. I first tried this style back in University, again for some personal side-projects, but I was then able to adapt it to the needs of a course I had, Artistic Applications of Animations. Maybe it comes from my love for motion graphics or from my inadequate art skills for traditional animation. Either way, I feel like developing this style to something more original and personal, so any feedback on my video is appreciated and much needed.

That's it for my post today. I hope I have time to continue working on side projects and share them here. Until my next post, take care and enjoy your October, wether Winter has already faded in or Summer is more persistent where you live.