Saturday, 26 November 2016

Museum of Digital Art

As a Multimedia graduate and digital artist, one of the top must-visit places in Z├╝rich on my list was the Museum of Digital Art, or MuDA. I wanted to visit it for a while now and I finally got the chance today. The current exhibition taking place that I had the pleasure to enjoy was by a group called Lab212. The whole exhibition was a great example of how things we don't usually consider as creative, such as coding or technological machines, can contribute to making unique artistic experiences and magnificent visuals.

The space was quite small but the exhibition was not underwhelming to the least. It featured several installations (most of which were interactive) that fused art and technology into beautiful pieces of art. Projected animations that required you to participate with your hands, a swing that prompted you to sit and enjoy a journey through space, a little paper windmill that when blown at activated a huge fan, and many more to see and do there. Every piece played with the viewer's imagination, giving surreal visuals that not only you could enjoy, you could also control.

Watching and interacting with the art installations was nostalgically reminiscent of my final year at University when we studied Artistic Applications of Animation and had the chance to create our own interactive digital art pieces. As part of the course, we talked about, watched, and analysed installations like these. The whole thing made me yearn for working on such projects.

I'm really fascinated by the concept of using technology to create modern art and as both advance we can expect great new ideas by creatives everywhere. Augmented reality, virtual reality, motion sensors, tracker cameras, these are just a few of the creative tools that artists have in their rich palette. If I'm lucky enough, I'll have the chance to enjoy one more exhibition there before I leave, in December. Until then, I have many more places that I'd like to visit.