Saturday, 31 December 2016


Well, there it is. The notorious and unpredictable year of 2016 is finally coming to an end. Like a horrible movie that is finally sliding in the ending credits, we all start to remember past events, comprehend what happened, and reminiscent the, few for some and numerous for others, enjoyable memories that form piece-by-piece the past year. Each one of us will memorise and perish it for our own reasons. The truth is, however, one look around the internet is enough to see the bad name 2016 is leaving behind. Quite reasonably, considering the abundance of sad events that marked the last twelve months.

To be honest, I'm a bit cynical about this bad reputation of 2016. I dislike how we simplify the complex system of humanity to merely a "bad year" and how we blame everything, from politicians' poor decisions to physical disasters, to 2016. I realise that this notion is rooted to our need for change, and to be honest I find myself falling for this idea almost every day by iterating how unlucky and disastrous 2016 is/was. We force ourselves to believe that better days are coming. That in a magical way, when the clock strikes midnight and we enter the new year, things will start getting better. But no. As long as we don't realise that things won't magically fix themselves by changing year, we don't motivate ourselves to act and improve them ourselves. This is the harsh reality. I really hope 2017 proves to be a "better year" but at the same time I recognise that this is actually up to me, you, us. In a similar way, I think it's unfair or rather pointless and silly to hate and blame 2016 as this hides away real issues in our world. I'd rather recognise the mistakes in myself, other people, humanity, politicians.

For me personally, this year marked a lot of changes, closures and new beginnings in my life. In retrospective, it was truly an adventurous year of rediscovery and challenges. Undoubtably, it was the year I finally got out and far of my comfort zone. In a way, I exit this year the same way I entered: confused and indecisive, but I will try to make 2017 more conclusive for some aspects. But in general, it also included some of the worst events for humanity in recent history.

Either way, I hope 2017 will indeed prove to be a better year than 2016 in many ways. For the world and humanity in general but for personal matters as well for you reading this as well as everyone else. Let's hope and act together in order to turn this opportunity of a fresh beginning into reality. Have a nice year, everyone!