Saturday, 24 December 2016

Goodbye, Zürich

Leaving stuff in the past is always hard. A part of us is constantly rejecting the idea that time inevitably moves faster than we tend to realise, and farewells are always a sorrowful reminder of that. Having to accept that a part of your life now belongs to the foggy and distant past is another indication that you are moving on. Something that on the surface is a positive action, but beneath hides fear and melancholy. We don't always hate the things we leave behind, it's just part of our lives. Something that just a while ago was your routine and life, now you have to look back to see. It feels weird.

Six months passed by fast. Life turned into stories waiting to be told. Days turned into memories. An exciting chapter concluded its final words and formed a beautiful tale. A bittersweet feeling overtakes when I think about it. Nostalgia overflows. But as sad as its ending feels like, its mere existence in my past and everything it left behind to embellish the present -memories, experience, thoughts, people, growth- make up for it and push away negative feelings. Everything ends, eventually. We just need to appreciate and cherish the fact that it happened.

I feel lucky to have had this chance. And I'm hopeful I will have something similar along my way soon. Like everything big in our lives, it changed me in numerous ways, so in a sense it also exists in the present. So, goodbye.