Monday, 26 June 2017

A Belated Gift

I might have mentioned this before in one of my older posts, but I'm currently learning Japanese. I have been studying by myself for about a year now. The reasons? Well, besides the numerous benefits of multilinguals and studying foreign languages in general, I enjoy many Japanese entertainment media, and I hope that one day I will enjoy them in their original language. Ever since I was younger, I had a soft spot for Ghibli movies. I liked the wild imagination that overflowed in the fictional worlds of the films, the original and highly creative creatures that roamed in the stories, the brave heroines, and the fascinating scenes that dragged you into the screen. Moreover, I enjoy Japanese cinema, both classic and modern. I like Murakami Haruki's simple-yet-extrordinary books and Murakami Takashi's crazy, colourful, and out-of-this-world art. These are some of the reasons that led me to start learning Japanese, and I'm currently using both, print media and online sources, to study. I may not be able to speak fluently or read with ease yet, but the progress I made so far makes me feel proud of myself, and every time I manage to complete a sentence and get my point across feels like a small victory, a minor achievement that majorly boosts my confidence. During my studying journey, I made a lot of wonderful friends who are also learning Japanese or who are native Japanese speakers and generously help me improve daily.

Well, one of them, Yumi, found out it was my birthday a few days ago and decided to surprise me with a marvelous gift. The parcel arrived today, directly from Japan, and I eagerly opened it up to see a set of Ghibli-themed items. Of course, she knew I was a fan of the studio's works, hence chose the presents specifically for me. I got super excited and felt like a kid again. The items featured two of my favourite Ghibli films: My Neighbour Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service. I fell in love with this present and I'm thankful to Yumi for sending me such a terrific gift. I will cherish these items. I'm glad that my decision to learn Japanese also helped me meet these amazing people and make friends.

I hope some day I can visit Japan and meet these people in person. It is one of my life dreams to travel or even live there for a while; when I learn the language, nothing will stand in my way anymore. After all, languages open doors to brand new cultures, people, ideas, philosophies, and experiences.